This year we’re starting a best ball fantasy league in efforts to test it out and gauge future interest. This pool will be a best ball “draft and hold” style league. The draft is the only time that a participant will have any control over their entry. There will be no transactions throughout the season. Each week, you will score based on your rosters most optimal line up. At the end of 17 weeks, the entry with the most points, wins!

Roster & Line up

  • Team Size: 22 players
  • Starting Line Up: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (non-QB)
  • 9 players will score each week, 13 will not
  • No restrictions on how many/few players you draft at each position


  • 0.04 points per passing yard
  • 4 points per passing td
  • 0.1 points per rushing yard or receiving yard
  • 6 points per non-passing TD
  • 1 point per reception


  • Snake draft
  • Draft order will be randomly set one hour prior to the draft
  • Draft will take place in google sheets and a GroupMe chat room
  • 30 second soft draft clock (I don’t have a great way to enforce it yet, but if it becomes a problem I won’t hesitate to auto-draft)
  • A list of players will be posted that will be an official auto-draft list (using ESPN Fantasy Projections)
    • Players will be drafted top down if necessary with no exceptions


  • The league will go forward depending on interest between 8 and 15 entries
  • Each week your optimal starting line up score will be added to your season total
  • There are no waivers, trades or line-up setting
  • $20 to play, winner (most points after week 17) takes all
    • Fee due prior to draft via Paypal or Venmo
  • I will attempt to keep live scoring up to date using the same sheets I’ve used for Fantasy Football in the Playoffs
  • Stat corrections may occur all the way through January 5th, 2018 – from this date all stats and results will be final
  • Any disputes/corrections/errors will be handled with common sense by the league
    • Because we are using stats provided by other providers, we’re at their mercy for accuracy, we will correct as often as we can

First-year notice

  • Because this is the first year of running this pool, please have patience and bear with any issues as we work through the “kinks”
  • I will work to improve the pool throughout the year to attempt to make the experience better
  • Any concerns should be brought to my attention to be dealt with promptly
  • Please have fun, this is all we’re trying to do, have more fun in different ways 🙂